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concrete mixing, pouring and curing, MB15, d=10cm. A layer of concrete shall be evenly performed on gravel base, d=10cm, with designed decline with a flat top surface. Calculation per piece of constructed concrete layer, i.e. m3 of gravel base. - Vc= 1.7x1.7x0.1=0.29m3 pcs 12.00


5. The bill of quantities shall fully describe the materials, proportions, workmanships and accurately represent the work to be executed. 6. In case of masonry (stone or brick) or structural concrete, the categories shall be measured separately and the heights shall be described: a) From foundation to plinth level


BILL OF QUANTITIES FOR CIVIL WORKS FOR 8MW POWER PLANT ITEM Description Unit Quantity (approx) Rate (Rs.) (*) Amt. (Rs.) (*) [A] EARTH WORK A-1 a) b) c) Earthwork in excavation in all types of soil/rock but excluding hard rock requiring blasting at all depths in foundations of structures, pipe

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Foundations in one bill. Concrete slabs in m2 complete to outside of walls. Concrete beams in meter. Columns in number. Brickwork includes brickforce. Roof ties and roof brackets in number. Arches and vaults in number, corbelling in m. Bills (trades) totals are calculated in the rate column (column E) on the same line as the bill description.

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Concrete piles Provision of all plant including bringing to site and removal on completion; setting up and subsequent ... Ref Description Quantity Units Rate Value IN SITU CONCRETE & LARGE PC CONCRETE E10: MIXING, CASTING, CURING IN SITU ... Total: Bill Collection for SUBSTRUCTURE. ESUK1 - Web Sample 1

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The bill of quantities sometimes referred to as 'BoQ' or 'BQ' is a document prepared by the cost consultant, often a quantity surveyor, that provides project-specific measured quantities of the items of work identified and respective cost as by the drawings.. A bill of quantities is a document used in tendering in the construction industry in which materials, parts, and labor …

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Reducing CO 2 emissions while producing enough cement to meet demand will be challenging, especially since demand growth is expected to resume as the slowdown in Chinese activity is offset by expansion in other markets.. Key strategies to cut carbon emissions in cement production include improving energy efficiency, switching to lower-carbon fuels, promoting …


BILL OF QUANTITIES FOR PROPOSED BUILDING & CIVIL WORKS AT LITEN 33/11 KV SUBSTATION ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION UNIT QTY UNIT RATE AMOUNT 1 Preliminaries A Allow for a temporary site office adequate to accomondate six persons,notice board, shelves and, store for materials and tools storage. ITEM 1 B Allow for clean water for …


ITEM NO DESCRIPTION UNIT QUANTITY RATE AMOUNT SECTION NO. 1 BILL NO. 1 PRELIMINARIES NOTES i) The Agreement is to be the form of offer and acceptance (agreement) C1.1 of bid document


BILLS OF QUANTITIES SUPPLIED AS PART OF THE CONTRACT FOR THE PROPOSED TOILET BLOCK IN KAREN FOR IUCN The Contract for the above-mentioned Works, entered into on the _____ day of _____ 2020 by the undersigned parties refers to these Bills of Quantities which shall be read and construed as part of the said Contract.

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Preparation of the Bill of Quantities. ... Example bill of quantities pages. Durability of concrete with agro-waste: a local approach to sustainability. Siva Teja Chopperla, Venkateswaran Yamuna, Abdul Bahurudeen, Manu Santhanam. and . Athira Gopinath . Yield strength and critical strength of liquefiable sands in sloping ground.

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A Bill of Quantities, as defined by the Business Dictionary, is an itemized list of materials, parts and labour with their costs, required to undertake construction work. It can also be defined as a document compiled for …

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Subcontractors Typical Sample - Groundworks Priced Bill of Quantities Labour & Plant Groundworks Ref Description Quantity Units Rate Sub Total Excavating trenches; to receive pipes not exceeding 200

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5. Determine Bill of Quantities 6. Estimate Total Project Costs 7. Estimate Operation and Maintenance Costs In addition to the basic cost items of each civil structure in terms of their direct costs, the Consultant considered certain contingencies. These contingencies play an important role for the project viability, they include

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Bill of Quantities (BoQ) - Revised Version ... 14. Pre-shipment inspection of the pumps at the manufacturer plant required. Therefore, the contractor is required to ensure that the manufacturer of the ... Item Unit Quantity Unit price Total 1 Dismantling: Carefully dismantle the existing vertical turbine pump unit, motor, pipes

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volume-ii -price bid containing bill of quantities m/s. sath architects & consultants ya design associates ... total summary of boq 3-3 summary of civil boq 4-4 civil boq 5-25 summary of ph boq 26-26 ph boq ... b. plain cement concrete c. reinforced cement concrete d. masonry

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Red Large Cement 1.825 Million Tons Per Annum 8 CHTTINAD CEMENT CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED, CEMENT PLANT Chettinad Cement Corporation Private Limited, Rani Meyyammai Nagar, Karikkali & Dholipatti Villages, Vedasandur Taluk, Dindigul District. Red Large Cement (Opc, Ppc And Psc) 4.5 Mtpa (Million Tons/Annum) 9 CHTTINAD …

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Bill of Quantities (BoQ) Page - 2 Sl. No Description Unit Quantity. Rate Amount 28 Providing and laying in position ready mixed M-25 grade concrete for reinforced cement concrete work, using fly ash and cement content as per approved design mix, and manufactured in fully


SUMMARY OF BILL OF QUANTITIES FOR NDAU PROJECT. BOQ ITEM. DESCRIPTION AMOUNT (Kshs) A Construction of 8.305Km Pipeline B Materials for 8.305Km Pipeline C Installation of 15m Elevated Tank D Construction of Plant House SUB-TOTAL Contingencies (5%) Project Management Fee Branding & Commissioning GRAND TOTAL


Less Special Discount as the rig is in the area; 30,000.00 795,600.00; Add 16% VAT 127,296.00 Estimated Total Contract Sum 922,896.00


a) Allowance to replace broken cement roof tiles. m² 155 b) Repairs to existing Alumium Gutters m 168 c) Install new downpipes to match existing. m 120 d) High Pressure clean concrete roof tiles, repair and seal ridge capping m² 2614 e) Allowance to seal gutters m 300 4 Internal divisions #REF! R0 a) No 20 Strip existing paint with paint ...

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A Off site (provisional item and quantity) 25 m3 GRANULAR MATERIAL SPEC 618 Filling to make up levels B Not exceeding 250 average thick obtained off 72 m3 site SURFACE TREATMENTS C Compacting filling; blinding with sand 597 m2 D Compacting bottoms of excavations 811 m2 IN SITU CONCRETE / LARGE PRECAST CONCRETE E10 …

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Sub Total 57672.00 3 (A) CEMENT CONCRETE WORK i 281 Concrete with 4cm. gauge approved stone ballast, approved coarse sand and Cement in the proportion of 8:4:1 including supply of all materials labor and tools and plants etc. required for proper completion for the work. Cum 113.00 4680 528840.00


total rs. bill no. 1 general items bill no. 2 site clearance and dismantling bill no. 3 earth works bill no. 4 sub-base, bases and surface courses (non bituminous) and shoulders bill no. 5 base and surface courses (bituminous) bill no. 6 structures a – culverts b …

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The following separate items are required in a bill of quantities for different work areas and commencing surfaces and for each pile diameter detailed on the drawings (a) the number of piles (b) the total depth of the bored or driven piles (the maximum anticipated length of the piles is to be stated) (c) the total concreted length of piles.


BILL OF QUANTITIES FOR ROAD WORKS DESCRIPTION OF WORK QTY UNIT SL NO. ... (percentage by weight of total mix) prepared in Drum type Hot Mix Plant of 60-90 TPH capacity ... kerb stone of M-25 grade cement concrete in position to the required line, level and curvature, jointed with CM 1:3,


The Bill of Quantities shall be read in conjunction with the Instructions to Bidders, General and Particular Conditions of Contract, Technical Specifications, and Drawings. 2. The quantities given in the Bill of Quantities are estimated and provisional, and are given to provide a common basis for bidding.